Former Bournemouth church turned into Tesco store (!!!)


Till inside new Tesco store in former church

A former church in Dorset has been reopened as a local convenience store.

The Methodist church building on Poole Road in Westbourne, Bournemouth, had been empty for three years before it was bought by Tesco.

The stained glass windows depicting Biblical characters have been kept at the new Tesco Express and the exterior largely remains the same.

A Methodist Church spokeswoman said it could not influence what its buildings were used for after being sold.

The spokeswoman added: «The money from the sale though has gone back to the local church group so that they can use it to enrich their community and develop the way they worship.

«Some people have suggested we should be angered by it but there are far worse things happening that we are worried about.»

Bournemouth Borough Council gave permission for the conversion.

Following the sale, the council approved a «change of use» application.


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