London–A horrific vision of Satan himself has appeared in a not-so-surprising place – the grotesque back of ancient pop star, Madonna.

We strongly urge readers to view the photo above in only short doses or your sex organs may shrivel up and fall off. However, if you do spend a few seconds looking at Madonna’s hideous, pale nightmare of a back, you will begin to see the face of the dark lord himself, Satan. If you stare for a few minutes and don’t see the face of Satan, that is probably because you have carved your eyes out with a pencil on your desk. Sorry.


Posted on Σεπτεμβρίου 19, 2009, in ΕΠΙΚΑΙΡΟΤΗΤΑ, ΕΡΕΘΙΣΜΑΤΑ, ΖΟΥΝ ΑΝΑΜΕΣΑ ΜΑΣ, ΘΕΣΕΙΣ-ΑΠΟΨΕΙΣ, ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ, ΠΕΡΙΕΡΓΑ ΣΕΝΑΡΙΑ, ΠΛΑΚΑ ΜΕ ΚΑΝΕΙΣ? and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. Σχολιάστε.


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